To sculpt light, void, air…
To my eyes, these are material just like stone, metal or wood.
I enjoy inviting them in the core of my work, feeling their presence ,and trying to tame them.
When I carve a block of stone, I aim at achieving purity of line but first of all it is a dialogue with light.
When I create a piece, I sculpt a multitude of parts and I  make use of the void that separates and unites them.
When at last a breath of air is felt, motion appears.
In this way, from ponderous and compact material, some evanescence and a surprising feeling of lightness are born .



Born in Aix en Provence, I grew up at the foot of the Sainte Victoire, permeated with that mineral landscape and unique light .

A random list of things I like : mathematics, drawing, light, clay, haikus, children, stones, lightness, friendship…

I studied mathematics at the University, with friends, the mistral and the sun.

In the countryside of Normandy ,amid  children and apple trees, with Jean Charles Delange (a painter and sculptor )  I learned about drawing, color  and  working with clay .

In Lyon, with Marc Pedoux (a Land Art sculptor) I discovered sculpture, chiseling stone and work in the workshop community.

I have been recreating in my work a few of the things I was taught and much of my own self.